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Zodiac ~

Before Zodiac became a three movement work, the first movement (titled "Gemini") was the genesis of what, some ten years later became the full Zodiac concerto. This concerto is available for Wind Ensemble/Concert Band, Brass Band,Orchestra and can be performed with piano accompaniment. 

The first movement,"Gemini" was 1st commissioned in 2006 as a solo show piece for Euphonium soloist Adam Frey and former Canadian Brass horn soloist Jeff Nelsen. At the time, Gemini was one of several works composed in the genre of Greek Mythology. The story arc of “The Gemini Twins” was a perfect fit visually and sonically. Since this movement was composed as a complete solo work first, Gemini can be performed independently. You can read the full program notes on Gemini here.


Nearly ten years later after the premiere of Gemini, Roger Oyster, Principal trombonist of the Kansas City Symphony, approached me to expand upon Gemini and make it a full blown three movement work based on the Zodiac chart. 

While writing this new version, it was important for me to keep some sort of unity with the three movements as if they were written at the same time. My approach to “Capricorn” was to set the stage for something more serious, warm and heartfelt in contrast to Gemini. It was no mistake that the movement mirrored some of Capricorn’s own personality traits.


When it came time to write the third movement, “Aries” I wanted to write something that had plenty of direction and drive as well as something other worldly. I’m not one to write in a minimalistic style, such as Philip Glass or John Adams, but I do graze the style for a few opening bars or so. It’s as if you were lifted off the ground by a wondrous mechanical flying machine headed off into the cosmos. However, it’s short lived until I’m off in a new direction of a more melodic approach, something I’m more comfortable with. As Aries wraps up, I revisit the more angular and rhythmic elements of Gemini which helps bring things full circle.  








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