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This piece was commissioned by and written for Carl "Doc" Severinsen in 2015. There are three movements inspired by acoustic ambience. 

  1. Daybreak ~ Depicts the sunrise over a canyon landscape. There is peaceful calm as a new dawn begins. 

  2. Alley Song ~ The scene is set somewhere deep within a city. The end of the day is near and a lone trumpeter can be heard playing in a distant alley. Perhaps he is down on his luck or maybe the music reflects ones daily doldrums.

  3. Locomotion ~  Years ago, many successful musicians performed from town to town riding the rails to get to and fro. The music pulse propels us forward as though we were along for the ride. 


Originally, It was Doc's idea to incorporate (somehow) the reverb or ring of a stairwell. Doc loves practicing and warming up in stairwells back stage, which gives lots of ring and natural reverb.  There are versions for Wind Ensemble/Concert Band, Orchestra, Jazz Combo, and can be played with piano accompaniment. The performer can experiment with enhanced reverb if preferred, resembling the three locations. Locomotion, should be considered ones means of travel to their venue where even in the seediest night clubs, electronic reverberation is provided.


Two of my favorite people!

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