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"The Toymaker" is a suite for Brass Ensemble in three movements recorded by Burning River Brass for their CD entitled "Christmas Around the World". It imagines three episodes in the life of the mythical Greek inventor Daedalus and his introduction the mysterious Saint Nicholas.

  1. The Golden Palace  An experimental machine constructed by Daedalus takes it's first ride of adventure.

  2. The Magic Clock A giant magical clock tower where people, animals and fantastic creatures make up this magnificent creation.

  3. The Bells of Greece and St. Nicholas Takes Flight  Imagines Daedalus creating a magnificent sled for his friend St. Nicholas to carry presents for all the children he has befriended.

The Toy Maker tells a tale of the real St. Nicholas and his encounter with the mythical and wondrous inventor Daedalus. This music is by far from your typical holiday fluff. The Toymaker has a style similar to Prokofiev and carries an edge and flare that will propel any concert into the 21st century. The 1st Movement introduces us to Daedalus while the music underscores his latest invention. Atop a high hill in the southern coast of Greece appears a clunky mass of steel, gears, bolts and gizmos, much like a craft out of a Jules Verne Novel. Daedalus sets his craft in motion down this hill hurdling out of control towards his captive audience. As the ship starts to Break apart, or so it seemed, wings jettisoned out from its sides and the mass of steel soared over all the spectators heads as they looked on in awe. The 2nd and 3rd movements develop the relationship with St. Nicholas who later becomes good friends with Daedalus. More miraculous inventions are made until the conclusion of the suite when an amazing flying sled is made for Nicholas.

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