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Violin,Cello,Trumpet,Trombone and Accordion

1. Chiaroscuro


One perfect day in the city of Florence Italy, a young child sets out to peruse the many arts and crafts displayed in the city plaza. While being overwhelmed by the fantastic array of art, one such work stood out over the rest. The child’s eyes laid rest upon a marvelous painting of five musicians. A quintet of sorts including violin, cello, trumpet, trombone and of course the accordion. The musicians were painted in vibrant tones and textured with exquisite detail. Mesmerized by the painting, the musicians slowly emerged one by one out from the canvas. First the accordion player then the violinist, and shortly thereafter the entire quintet was loose. This time art would explore the living world.


2. Café Brillo


The musicians find there way to a little neighborhood café-The Café Brillo. Here they

explore some of the finer things life has to offer. Each of them sample

the scrumptious cuisine and taste the local wine. The alcohol takes effect quickly

altering their personality as well as the detail in their painted bodies.


3. Pazzo Tango


Outside the café, the weather began to change. The clouds filled the sky as rain began to fall. The Violinist proceeded to tango in an overly confident display of reckless dance. The remaining musicians accompanied the soloist into the street playing passionately. Without a care in the world the rain eroded the musicians into the street beneath the child’s feet. For there they had been painted into the pavement all along.



 1. Chiaroscuro In Italian, literally meaning “light dark”, used to describe the skillful balance of light and dark in a painting, with strong contrasts to create dramatic effect.


2.  Brillo  means drunk.


3.  Pazzo  means crazy.

Sheet music coming soon!

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