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For solo trombone and accompaniment


coming soon



Serenata was commissioned by Nathan Zgonc and Collin Williams for the 2018 International Trombone Association. 


Through the years many trombonists have sought out arrangements of classical and romantic composers such as Brahms, Rachmaninoff, and even Piazzolla for the lyrical melodies and writing style. Perhaps it is to fill a gap? Much music composed today includes a more angular style filled with technical wizardry and cacophony, riddled with enough effects for a Michael Bay movie. Serenata will be a distant departure! 


Serenata is composed in a style paying tribute to the flowing and singing music from the classics that one might not always attribute to the metallic brethren sitting in the back of the orchestra (patiently waiting for their moment to open the gates of Valhalla). It was my goal to achieve a work that would help fill this potential void with a warm melodic serenade that is flowing and musical, but not without the occasional virtuosic passage that would keep things challenging for all “Southpaws”.

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