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For trumpet ensemble with percussion.

Composed for and premiered by the Sun Valley Symphony, as part of their BrassTacular - Trumpets of the Sun Valley Symphony concert on August 14, 2017.

  • Andrew McCandless, Trumpet

  • Michael Tiscione, Trumpet

  • Matthew Muckey, Trumpet

  • Jeff Biancalana, Trumpet

  • Anthony DiLorenzo, Trumpet

  • Ryan Anthony, Trumpet

  • Barbara Butler, Trumpet

  • Karen Donnelly, Trumpet

  • Charlie E. Geyer, Trumpet

  • David Krauss, Trumpet

  • Douglas Lindsay, Trumpet

  • Stuart Stephenson, Trumpet

  • Alex Orfaly, Trumpet

  • Charles Settle, Percussion


The composer writes...

When approached by principal trumpet Andrew McCandless, I couldn’t help but be giddy about the chance to write for twelve of the most esteemed trumpeters throughout North America! In this new work titled “Poseidon”, I tried to capture the bold and heroic sound of a legion of heralding trumpets as they announce the Sea God’s entrance as he emerges from the great Ocean. The listener is drawn into a world that includes Poseidon’s journey to Mount Olympus. He rides his glorious sea chariot being towed by mythological sea creatures. The music ebbs and flows with virtuosic flare while the trumpeters’ fingers launch an ocean vortex. There is just enough time to visit one of Poseidon’s secret lairs fathoms beneath the white-capped waves. After his descent, the music captures a vision of an underwater realm where the Sea God is surrounded by nymphs and mermaids jetting through cavernous dwellings. When the music settles, Poseidon faces off with a giant hydra and uses his magnificent trident to erupt a tremendous earth-shattering quake. After his triumphant encounter, he pushes on and the trumpets wail a heroic fanfare to anticipate his arrival at Olympus.

Recording coming soon!

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