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Concerto for horn 


coming soon

The composer writes:

     It has been a complete joy to compose Phoenix, which was commissioned by William VerMeulen of Rice University, and The International Horn Society.  Over the years, I've had the honor and pleasure to write for some of the world’s most talented brass players, and Bill represents the very highest level of brass playing, musicianship, and artistry.  Musicians such as Bill inspire me - from their effortless ability to transform even the most difficult passages into silk, to the visual story a performer and composer can paint together.

     While composing Phoenix this past spring I was repeatedly drawn towards melody with colorful and windy tonality, simultaneously impressionistic and romantic.  This inspiration came quite naturally when I set out to write for horn, an instrument that’s always played a pivotal role in my small and large ensemble compositions.   With Phoenix, I've endeavored to exploit the horn’s soaring quality I've long admired from Brahms symphonies to the best of Hollywood cinema.  The title is a natural fit as the Phoenix symbolizes immortality and the word represents a person of unparalleled excellence.

Phoenix is available for piano accompaniment and Full Orchestra.

Anthony DiLorenzo
December 2012

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