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For every composer or artist, there is a definitive moment they can look back upon and say "this is where it all started" For me it was Heroic fanfare. 

"Originally, I wrote Heroic Fanfare for Brass Ensemble while attending The Curtis Institute of Music in 1989. That summer, I attended the National Repertory Orchestras' Summit Brass and Orchestra Festival where I met conductor Carl Topilow who heard the work in its brass ensemble form. He liked it so much that he asked me to arrange it for orchestra to use as a concert opener. While attending one of the concerts, a representative from the U.S. Olympic committee in Colorado Springs took notice of the work and approached me after the concert. He had asked if it was possible to use the work in television commercials for the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona. I excitedly agreed. Heroic Fanfare helped lead the way to my start in television. After moving to Utah later that year, to play principal trumpet with The Utah Symphony, I was aquatinted with a local film and production studio called Non-Stop Productions. I discovered that there was an opening in their composers' division and proceeded to apply for the spot. I used Heroic Fanfare as a demonstration of my composition skills. After the company's president heard it, I was hired to write my first film trailer (that night!) for a film called "The Mighty Ducks". In a sense Heroic Fanfare was the start of it all."

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