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"In the summer of 2006 I began a series of concertos based on Greek Mythology.  The first was titled "Chimera, Concerto for Brass Quintet and Orchestra."  Conductor Naoto Otomo commissioned the work to be performed by the Center City Brass Quintet and the Tokyo Symphony. Two years later in 2008, brass soloists Adam Frey and Jeff Nelsen commissioned me to write Gemini which became the second work in this mythological saga. It was important for this piece to be accessible to all audiences and one that would challenged even the most advanced player.

In Greek Mythology, The Gemini Twins were brothers named Pollux and Castor, sons of Zeus. They were celebrated as protectors of human kind and had adventures such as the Argonauts Quest for the Golden Fleece and fighting off eerie lightning known as Saint Elmo’s Fire. The story seemed to go perfectly for our two soloists.

When I began writing this piece, I first concentrated on the heroic melodic lines  before moving into color and tonality that was later enhanced by a lush orchestration. Those who know me well, know of my fondness for the wonderful talent and skill of some of Hollywoods greatest composers. I'd like to think that I've channeled their likeness as a nod of respect and admiration. A keen ear may pick up a touch of Holst, Williams, Goldsmith and perhaps a splash of Prokofiev within.

This music was a blast to write and it was an honor to compose for such great talent. I hope that when you listen to or play Gemini, you’ll become engrossed in the story of two heroes and their tales of epic battle and adventure."

Recently, Gemini has been added to the concerto "Zodiac". Zodiac was commissioned by Roger Oyster and William Caballero. It was expanded into a three movement larger work where Gemini became the first Movement. 

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