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Anthony DiLorenzo originally orchestrated this suite of highlights from his full-length Dracula ballet for the ensemble Proteus 7. Proteus 7, primarily a brass ensemble augmented by woodwinds, percussion, and some really cool instruments including a Theremin, Bass Waterphone, and Daxophone. The latter is a piece of curved wood (with an implanted microphone) played with a bow, which produces some horrific roaring sounds. All of this makes for a deliciously spooky atmosphere, but it's not all ghost and goblin effects. While the music has a few orchestration nods to the classics of Prokofiev and Tchaikovsky, the melodic music has a timeless feel and sound that will compliment any  stage from here to Transylvania!

Program Notes: 

Act One   "The Castle" of Anthony DiLorenzo's ballet begins with ominous chords played to a closed curtain. When the trumpets sound their first heroic chord, the curtain opens and we see the castle in the background and hear the Dracula theme - a dark, menacing march. An unusual instrument called the theremin is introduced here to represent the castle with its dark, menacing feeling of ominousness. 

The theremin is one of the first electronic instruments, invented in 1919 by Leon Theremin. It sounds like a ghostly human hum as the player controls it with hand movements near two antennas. One controls pitch, the other volume. If you've seen any horror movies, you have probably heard this device before.

"Vampires Race Home" A half-dozen vampires jostle to get back to the castle before daylight where a hierarchy of vampires is appointed with Dracula leading the group. We meet his henchmen, the castle guards and various other characters dressed in royal garb.

 "Dance of the Gypsies" In this scene a jaunty, minor-key melody with off-beat tambourine introduces the gypsies, who are watching a riveting dance between Sándor and Laszlo. We are also introduced to Sándor's daughter Miranda, who is soon to wed Laszlo who had been  prearranged to wed her, against her wishes.The scene starts with the two men, and eventually all the gypsies join the dance.

 "Waltz of the Dead" Once again showing off the theremin is supported by a haunting orchestration and a slight nod to Prokofiev. The music is foreboding while the gypsies mock horrific stories of the ongoings on the mysterious castle just beyond the hill.  

"Castle Guards & Dracula's Passion" Dracula's next scene takes place in the castle, where we see the changing of the castle guards. In the background we see a solo dance with Dracula, during which he sees Miranda in a vision. He knows she is out there somewhere and he wants her.

"Dracula's Deceptive Plan"  After Dracula has his vision, he tries to reach her through telepathy. The eerie music underscores the demon as his dances within his chamber while on the opposite side of the stage we can see Miranda being effected by his telepathic clutch. But will it work, will he win be able lure her to him. Dracula  concocts a plan to bring Miranda and all the gypsies to his castle by inviting them to a special harvest ball. 

"Bats Take Flight & Trapped With No Escape" 

Draculas  henchmen escort the messenger on their trek to the Gypsies. As they make their way into the forest  they transform into bats in a playful display of acrobatic delight. As they fly through the night, they are discovered by Laszlo who will soon find his demise as he tries to outrun the monstrous creatures. Thus ends Act 1. 


Act Two "The Messenger" Draculas Coachman rides atop a hauntingly ornate carriage as he races to the Gypsies camp to bring them their invitation to the Harvest Ball. Unbeknownst to them, the menu includes the new found local guests.  

 "Gypsy Caravan" The entourage of gypsies head over the mountain to Dracula's castle in a slow, horse-drawn journey. 

"The Guests Arrive" The Gypsies arrive at Dracula's castle and walk through the ghoulish gardens, and a labyrinth of topiaries trimmed in spookishly characters, almost lifelike. They stick close together in this maze that one could easily get lost in. 

"Parade of Ghouls" The Gypsies enter the party. All Guests are dressed in a wide array of costumed masks as they take notice at the newly arrived guests. The Trumpets blast out the opening triumphant fanfare as the music sets the scene of a glorious dance of  costumed Goblins and ghosts as they swing and twirl from balcony to floor with horrific energy. The gypsies are engaged one by one to join in on the fun.  The music is fun and bouncy while fore shadowing danger ahead.  

 "The Grand Waltz"  As the vampires partner the gypsies on the dance floor, they begin their ghoulish work. Each vampire bites its partner on the neck and drags the victim away. Miranda is swept away by Dracula, intrigued by this silent man who has finally persuaded her to go with him to his chambers.

"The Seduction" Dracula slowly seduces Miranda in his chambers. She finds herself helpless as he gains control of her. His presence is overpowering and soon she falls in his arms and is completely under his spell. He has completely entranced 

 "Run for Your Life" Back at the party, things take a turn for the worst as one of the Gypsies is hunted down deep within the castle as he strays from the party. The bloodbath begins as screens are heard and the gypsies fear for their lives now realizing that they were the main course on the menu. As the chase music concludes, the scene changes back to the Counts camber where he continues his seduction of the young beauty.As  Miranda kisses the Dracula , he slowly makes his move and positions himself to bite her neck. Just before he feeds upon her blood, she takes notice of a necklace that she gave Laszlo earlier. In this moment, she realizes that she may be in danger and flees from the chamber. 

 "The Finale" An ereeiness consumes the scene as Miranda confused of her newly found passion from Dracula is shrouded by the possibility that the stories of the mysterious Count and his blood thirsty minion may be true. As Miranda realizes her fate, she does the unthinkable and tries to kill herself. Just before she does, she is found by her father and a few others who were on the run from Draculas ghouls. They tell her everything that has happened as many of her friends and former lover met their demise. She is weakened  and in a moment of desperation grab a dagger and thrusts it into herself while also effecting Dracula who's deep love for her drained his strength. They both collapse to the floor as Sandor embraces Miranda and the others overpower the Count. Now helpless and in chains, the remaining vampires surround Dracula and feast on his immortal sole. Completely devoured Dracula is no more and Mirandas spell is lifted. But not without consequence. 



DRACULA "The Seduction"
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