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Originally composed for the New World Symphony Orchestra, this work takes the listener on a short adventure set in Miami Beach Florida in the late 1950's. Originally, DiLorenzo was asked to write and arrangement of the classic song "Moon Over Miami", but felt it would be more fun to write a mini Tone Poem that cleverly included it within. The music purposefully includes styles of Gershwin and skims the cinematic feel of the Silver Screen towards the end of the Golden Era. The melodic woodwinds set the stage of this short adventure as the orchestra broadens its styles of Cuban beats and jazzy horns embracing the energy of a city on the rise. 


The story follows a traveling salesman named Harvey Putnik, who dreams of adventure and romance. When Harvey receives a colorful postcard from the Miami Nights Hotel, he packs his bags and jets his way to adventure.  All is glorious as Mr. Putnik anxiously anticipates his arrival to the magic city. Ahhhh, Miami! Harvey takes in a deep breath of freedom as he lowers his heavy bags to the ground. Just then out of nowhere, a thief comes and grabs Harvey's bags and the two engage in race through the airport. He loses ground and his bags. Harvey schleps his way to south beach on foot where he is struck by the towering Art Deco palace stretching high into the morning sky. He makes his way through the bustling lobby as he checks in. Miami is booming with excitement and is the embodiment of the Golden Age. The music captures the spirit of the swauvy atmosphere as Harvey soaks in the rays. The adventure continues as Harvey retrieves his bags, finds love and lives happily ever after. Well, sort of...   Just as Harvey kisses his new found love, a voice from above can be heard, "Welcome to Miami International Airport, we hope you've enjoyed your flight". Oh no! Harvey had been asleep some 30,000 feet high above. Perhaps adventure lies ahead.

This music pairs well with music of George Gershwin.

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