Sonata for Bass Trombone 


Bell Tonal~ Commissioned in 2018, was originally scored for Bass Trombone and Piano including optional percussion and bass with a multitude of configurations. The full orchestration includes, Soloist,Piano,Bass,Vibraphone and axillary percussion.

It has been recently adapted for both tenor trombone and cello. Click the buttons above to take you to for more information.

The following consortium members made this work possible by their support.


Pierre Beaudry

Zachary Bond

Daniel Brady 

Dennis Bubert

Randy Campora

Justin Clark 

George Curran

Jeff Dee

Randall Hawes

Brian Hecht 

Gabriel Langfur

James Markey

Ilan Morgenstern

Steve Norrell

Gerry Pagano

Denson Paul Pollard

Harold Van Schaik

Nicholas Schwartz

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