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This thrilling overture was composed in 1993 in the style of hollywoods nostalgic era of the silver screen and the many classics that inspired todays adventurous scores. As a kid, I fondly remember my Saturday morning cartoons and looking forward to watching my Hanna-Barbera TV shows. One in particular was Johnny Quest. My overture is envisioned as a classic orchestral swashbuckler. 

This short overture begins as if the opening like the start of an epic adventure complete with opening titles and credits. Soon after we quickly jump into the first scene across the beautiful desert landscape of Cairo.  Jonny and his friend Hadji are seen riding camelback highlighted by the burning crimson sun in the far off distance. The music resolves into a more ominous feel as our duo of adventures become entangled in a new mystery when they are struck by the disappearance of a large statue of Ramses the II. At least that's what I'm envisioning. The music grows into a lyrical sweeping passage that eventually leads into a pulsating epic battle where our heroes fight for their lives from a giant monstrous Anubis. Thankfully, it was just a giant holographic projection, like the many Scooby-Doo villains I also grew up watching. As all tales must come to an end, the music wraps up  with a reprieve of the opening melody to a triumphant finish. 

Quest ~ is perfect for children or family concerts! 

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