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he Holidays are Here Again


Original music and lyrics composed by Anthony DiLorenzo. This brand new work is ready to kick off the holidays with new-found meaning with a spirited tune that could be the new ear worm of the the season.

Composed in a similar vein as Anderson's Sleigh Ride, it can be performed as a stand alone Orchestral work or Orchestra with Choir. 


Have a happy holiday this season

feasting often with good reason

laughing car rides to and fro all day


It's the time of year 

crispness in the air 


bringing joyful tidings trav-ling door to door. 


With the trotting of the horses stomping 

hay-rides, pumpkins, ghosts go haunting     

changing of the color of the leaves. 


spinning dreidels can be spun, 

and the turkeys are well done, 


and The Holidays are Here À-gain. 


The church bells boldly ringing in the bell-fry, 

the people gather near to far and pray. 

The children play at home with new found reason 

hugs and kisses happ-ning through the day.

Fam-'lies celebrate the winter season


Sledding down the hillside 

Laughing all the way!  


Giddy up the sleighrides take us prancing

holding hands with loved ones’ glancing 

snuggling closer with ones you a-dore. 


It's the time to sing with the car-ol-ling 

The Holidays are Here À-gain! 



Orchestra break (Break)


It's the time to sing, 

sing along with Bing. Or:)Jingle ling a ling.


'Tis the season to be jolly 

Fa la la la la la la la


With the new year bringing new-found meaning

feasting more on grandmas’ pudding 

grandpa watching football all day long. 


With the whist-ling of the wind

and the snowman with the grin


and The Holidays are Here À-gain. 


The falling snow glides down to earth so softly 

it comforts sleepy souls who sit and stare. 

The chimneys billow smoke up in the night sky. 


New Year’s resolutions folly 

Here we go a-gain! 


Have a happy holiday this season

feasting often with good reason 

trav-ling coast to coast for fam-ly time.


 With a cheerful ring a ling

 and a happy ding dong ding 


bringing in the holidays are HERE__À__GAIN! 

The Holidays Are Here À-gain! 


For a direct link to the orchestration of your choice, click next to available orchestrations above.

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